Here's a sampling of tracks from my full length on I-Town records and some old and new tunes.

Angels in the Rearview Mirror

Angels in the Rearview Mirror cover
Recorded by Matt Saccuccimorano at Electric Wilburland.

Sean Kobuk - Vocals, Gtrs, Banjo, Piano, Glockenspiel, Synths
Matt Saccuccimorano - Drums, Synths
Walt Lorenzut - Bass
Michael Stark - Hammond B3 (Incredible, Train)
Elliot Martin - Backing Vocals (Push and Shove, River)
AJ Strauss - Piano, Backing Vocals (Incredible, Lost Boys)
Kim Sherwood - Backing Vocals (Train, River)
Yvette and Cherise Lucente - Backing Vocals (Don't Make a Sound)